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WA Truckies Deserve Better
Transport Workers have spoken. WA truck bays, amenities and WA highways need an upgrade! You can sign the petition and show your support:&...
Incentive program
This is your opportunity to be incentivised for signing up an eligible member to the TWU. Simp...
TWU Veterans Supporting Road Safety Education
Veterans of the trucking industry have recently been visiting schools to promote road safety me...
2020 Membership
Be a part of your great union in 2020. Renew your membership today Membership Fees 2020 (all...
Glen Barron’s Aviation Report
They say a picture is worth 1000 words and if the looks on the faces of our members at Alpha Fl...
Legally Right?...Maybe
Toll Liquid drivers who work on a rotating shift roster are protesting loudly about the firm&rs...
The TWU has reached agreement with Hanson Construction Materials on behalf of a group of Rocla ...
It was my pleasure to represent Greg Newman in an unfair dismissal matter earlier this year, G...
The TWU was recently successful in a long running case to recover long service leave entitlemen...
Cleanaway Alcohol Testing
The TWU fully understands the need for drug and alcohol policies in the workplace ;mind alterin...
Prosegur Breaching Agreement
Our Prosegur Agreement expired in June last year and the last pay boost for the armoured vehicl...
For the past 22 years I have been lucky enough to call WA my home; my adult daughter, I am prou...
A custody officer, and TWU member, who was injured by a suicidal prisoner has settled her worke...

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Legal Services

You never know when you might need a TWU Lawyer!

You never know when you might need a TWU Lawyer!

It costs nothing to talk to a TWU Lawyer

TWU members have access to a comprehensive range of expert legal services. Many of these services come free of charge, others are heavily discounted.

We have our own in-house lawyers and also have special arrangements for members with Australia’s leading trade union law firm Slater & Gordon.

We work together to ensure that you and your family receive quality legal back-up when you need it - in all areas of law.

Our in-house lawyers, industrial officers and organisers can help you FREE of CHARGE in a range of work-related areas including:

  • Unfair dismissal applications
  • Disciplinary Hearings
  • Workers Compensation Claims
  • Underpayment of wages and entitlements
  • Health & Safety Issues
  • Owner-Drivers Tribunal Representation

If we cannot resolve your issues – or your legal problem is not work-related - we may refer you on to Slater & Gordon.

Slater & Gordon deal with all aspects of law including criminal matters, family law, personal injury claims, etc.

Financial TWU members are entitled to a FREE initial consultation with Slater & Gordon.

This legal information can be obtained over the telephone or in person by appointment.

This initial appointment will NOT be limited to a prescribed time limit. The purpose of this consultation is to put you in a position where you can make an informed decision on where you stand and how to proceed.

If You Suffer A Personal Injury

TWU members who suffer a personal injury either at work, on the road or in a public place will have access to expert legal advice in the following areas:

Slater & Gordon will access your Personal Injury Case and if you decide to go ahead it will be on a ‘NO WIN – NO FEE’ BASIS.

Motor Vehicle Claims

Members of the TWU and their families are entitled to expert legal advice on motor vehicle personal injury claims.

Slater & Gordon will provide advice in relation to members' injuries, negotiate out of court settlements and if necessary, pursue their claim at court.

Public Liability Claims

If a TWU member, spouse or child suffers an injury outside the workplace, that person may be entitled to claim compensation for loss and damage.

Some examples are as follows:

  • Slips and falls in shopping centres
  • Accidents in private commercial premises
  • Dog bite injuries
  • Sport and leisure related accidents

Criminal Injury Compensation

If a TWU member is a victim of crime they may be entitled to a claim for compensation. Slater & Gordon will process your claim on your behalf.

Family Law Disputes

TWU members are entitled to a Free First Consultation on any family law matter.

Slater & Gordon offer our members a discounted rate structure for services which fall under this category. Special reduced rates have been introduced to accommodate members’ needs. Slater & Gordon will prepare documentation and represent members at court in undefended divorces at a special flat rate.

Criminal Law Matters

Members are entitled to a FREE initial consultation with no time limit. After that Discounted Rates will apply.

How "NO WIN - NO FEE" works

Slater & Gordon's 'No Win - No Fee' arrangement simply means that you will only be charged legal fees if your personal injury claim is successful.

In other words, if the case is unsuccessful you will NOT be charged fees for work performed.

As an added bonus to TWU members, Slater & Gordon will commit to payment of disbursements such as court fees, medical reports, photocopying, etc during the conduct of your claim.*

*Slater & Gordon will seek recovery of these disbursements on 'successful' completion of your claim.

Some Common Questions

If the claim is taken on, will there be a formal agreement?

Yes. If the case is taken on a No Win - No Fee arrangement, the member will be entitled to have a written agreement. The agreement will be in plain English and will very specifically set out the fee arrangement between Slater & Gordon and you.

Are you protected against an Order for Costs if the case is unsuccessful?

No. In most cases where litigation is unsuccessful, courts will award the costs of the other party against the unsuccessful party. A No Win - No Fee arrangement will not extend to costs of the other party, but every care will be taken to minimise that risk.

If the claim is successful, will you have to pay more?

No. Under a No Win – No Fee arrangement all fees and costs will be calculated in accordance with the hourly rates prescribed in the No Win – No Fee agreement between you and Slater & Gordon Lawyers.

To arrange an appointment call 1800 657 477To arrange an appointment call 1800 657 477

Transport Workers Union (WA Branch)