Today, Feb 3rd 2023

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WA Truckies Deserve Better
Transport Workers have spoken. WA truck bays, amenities and WA highways need an upgrade! You can sign the petition and show your support:&...
Incentive program
This is your opportunity to be incentivised for signing up an eligible member to the TWU. Simp...
TWU Veterans Supporting Road Safety Education
Veterans of the trucking industry have recently been visiting schools to promote road safety me...
2020 Membership
Be a part of your great union in 2020. Renew your membership today Membership Fees 2020 (all...
Glen Barron’s Aviation Report
They say a picture is worth 1000 words and if the looks on the faces of our members at Alpha Fl...
Legally Right?...Maybe
Toll Liquid drivers who work on a rotating shift roster are protesting loudly about the firm&rs...
The TWU has reached agreement with Hanson Construction Materials on behalf of a group of Rocla ...
It was my pleasure to represent Greg Newman in an unfair dismissal matter earlier this year, G...
The TWU was recently successful in a long running case to recover long service leave entitlemen...
Cleanaway Alcohol Testing
The TWU fully understands the need for drug and alcohol policies in the workplace ;mind alterin...
Prosegur Breaching Agreement
Our Prosegur Agreement expired in June last year and the last pay boost for the armoured vehicl...
For the past 22 years I have been lucky enough to call WA my home; my adult daughter, I am prou...
A custody officer, and TWU member, who was injured by a suicidal prisoner has settled her worke...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are TWU membership fees tax deductible?

Yes membership fees are fully tax deductible

What workers does the TWU represent?

The Transport workers union represents a wide range of workers including, bus drivers, truck drivers, owner drivers, taxi driver, airport staff and others.

How do I change my address?

You can change your address details by phoning one of our friendly office staff on 08 6313 3000 who will take your change of details.

What discounts are available to TWU members?

There are a wide range of discounts available to members ranging from discounts on wholesale grocery shopping to discounts on home and car insurance. For full details of these discounts please see Member Benefits section on this site.

Do I get paid Long Service leave when I quit?

The TWU often receives calls from members wondering if they get paid long service leave (LSL) entitlements when they pull the pin. The answer is quite simple - sometimes you do and sometimes you don't. Most transport workers are entitled to 8.67 weeks LSL after 10 years continuous service with the company they work for.

If you quit before 7 years employment you don't get paid pro rata LSL. If you quit after 7 years employment you do get paid pro rata LSL.

For those that are doing the sums right now check out our table:

Period of EmploymentHow many weeks you get paid
7 years 6.07 weeks
8 years 6.93 weeks
9 years 7.80 weeks
10 years 8.67 weeks
11 years 9.53 weeks
12 years 10.40 weeks
13 years 11.27 weeks
14 years 12.13 weeks
15 years 13 weeks

Generally, all permanent workers who serve the required period of service qualify for long service leave. Casuals and part time workers can put their hand up as well, because the WA legislation does not exclude these workers from getting long service leave.

If you have any queries, please give us a call on 08 6313 3000.