Today, Aug 23rd 2019

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We Want DUI Test Boxes in Bus Depots

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Drivers should be given every opportunity NOT to offend.

A few things needed to be clarified from the article in the last Wheel Magazine regarding our stance on Alcohol testing.

The article didn’t quite reflect how it was originally intended, which was obvious from the feedback we got from a number of sources.

Simply put, we don’t want drivers to front for work under the influence of drugs or alcohol Full Stop.

If you still do, well you have a problem.

But, if you are tested and return a positive reading, before you do anything, like resign, call the TWU. We MAY be able to help. See how may is in CAPITALS??

I recently dealt with four BIG readings from drivers in the one week alone. Any normal week will still see a number of drivers caught over the limit for drugs or

So obviously some aren’t getting the message? In the Public Transport game you simply can’t be responsible for other people’s lives driving a bus AND turn up to work drunk or stoned.

While I have issues that there are differences in company policies They ARE their policies.

I have done a bit of work with one of the national companies that provides the testing boxes, like those in the pubs and mining industry.

I wanted to see how they operate and check out the cost to set these up in bus depots. To date the bus firms have balked at the cost.

However drivers should be provided with every opportunity NOT to Offend.

You have a speedo that tells you when you are under or over the speed limit.

But apart from being pretty drunk, how can you tell if you are slightly over the legislated absolute ZERO?

We will be trying to persuade the powers that be to give you that opportunity to self-test prior to fronting for a bus, by installing the boxes.

We may also have to convince companies to alter their policies slightly to allow you to enter the depot without being pinged. Of course if you front for a bus under the influence, then there will be no excuses.