Today, Oct 26th 2021

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We Deserve Respect

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So we all know that if you want respect, you need to earn it…. Right?

Why does it seem then, that no matter what Bus Drivers do, very few people give us any respect?

The majority of us just want to turn up for work, get our bus, go do our job, and go home at the end of the day, in one piece and with our self-esteem intact.

Passengers and other road users just love to use us as a punching bag, taking their frustration out on us for the slightest reason. As professional
drivers we are expected to take it all on the chin and smile.

You would at least think that we would have the respect and support of the people in management wouldn’t you?

Good luck with that!

They, most of all should show some understanding of the complexities of the job as a majority of them were drivers to start with. Something seems to change in their brain when they step up the ladder so to speak.

Bus drivers are on the lowest rung of that ladder, and no matter how many years’ experience you have in the job, your opinion and views are discounted and ignored because you are only a bus driver.

It is very rare to find a manager who will actually take your side and support your ideas and efforts to improve conditions. If you constantly bring things to the attention of the managers, you stand the risk of being labelled a whinger or worse still a trouble maker.

Never mind that most of the things we bring to their attention are things that directly impact on our driving ability.

Example: ancient decrepit drivers seats, buses that leak, right over the top of the driver and the electrics, lights that are way too bright inside and cause a severe and dangerous reflection in the front windscreen, making it difficult to distinguish what is inside or outside the bus in areas that have limited street lighting.

Time allotted to complete a run, turnaround times, 2 minutes is a joke, and the list goes on and on.

In my view, the bus is my office and the road is my workplace, and in discussions with Workplace Health and Safety, they agree 100%. So if your bus/office is not up to standard, book it off, get it fixed. Don’t leave it for the next driver.

There seems to be a view amongst many drivers, across all companies, that you will be targeted if you book buses off. If and I say IF, this were true, that would be classed as bullying.

Look at it this way, the more you book buses off, the more work you create, the more people are employed, the better chance we have of ending up with buses that are half way decent to drive. Let’s also get into the habit of checking up on what we’ve booked off to see if it’s been fixed.

So what has any of this to do with Respect? Simply this; if we work at being “Professional” drivers, then we