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Qantas Put On Notice

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Qantas Ground StaffWe appear to be heading for the biggest airline industry blue in two decades as pay and conditions negotiations get underway with Qantas.

Our members have become fed up with being told to tighten their belts a little tighter after every new so-called ‘disaster' hits the industry. We've had bird flu, swine flu, SARS, terrorism, hikes in global fuel prices, cutthroat competitors such as Richard Branson and Virgin - you name it. Every time we get to EBA talks there is some BIG ISSUE out there threatening Qantas's survival.

And on each and every occasion our members - the ground and catering staff - are told they must make another sacrifice to save their jobs

All the company can afford is 3% a year and that's the way it's been for the best part of 10 years. And in good old WA, 3% doesn't keep pace with the rocketing cost of living.

Add to that the insidious growth of casualisation and contractors supplying cheap labour and you have a time bomb of frustration waiting to explode.
Our members are not dummies. They saw the former Qantas CEO Geoff Dixon walk away with a big fat $8,000,000 payout just for pissing off. Eight million bucks and they have to fight for the crumbs the Qantas bosses have been throwing their way.

Well that has to stop and the TWU will be using every weapon in its arsenal at Qantas to ensure it does. TWU officials and delegates from around the country have commenced negotiations with the airline. Qantas responded by again reinforcing their priority for flexibility and competiveness. By flexibility they mean we bend over as far as possible while they give it to us again.

And competiveness means we let them introduce private contractors to drive down their labour costs even further.

In response we presented them with a summary of TWU claim items:

These claims included
• A 5% pay rise for each year of the agreement.
• A 1% increase in superannuation contributions for each year of the agreement.
• An increase in the minimum total hours worked for part time employees to 24 hours per week.
• An increase in the maximum weekly hours for part-timers to 34 hours.
• Overtime to be allocated to full time staff first followed by part-timers, casuals and and the labour hire employees.
• Provision of rosters 21 days in advance with at least 7 days notice of any change.
• These are just some of our HIGH PRIORITY claims. We are demanding many other changes.

Of course, asking and getting are two different things and we don't expect Qantas to roll over so we can rub there belly. We expect a tough fight and we are bursting to jump in the ring. STAY TUNED on this one it is about to hits the airwaves in a big way.